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Challenger Brands to Watch 2019

Does selling reality really beat selling fantasy?

What is a challenger brand?


Our books

Eating The Big Fish

How challenger brands can compete against brand leaders.

The essential book for challenger brands.  A bestselling study of 50 challenger brands around the globe identifying the commonalities in their approach to brand development. The eight credos of challenger brand thinking cover preparing the right mindset, strategy development, in market behaviour and maintaining success.


The Pirate Inside

Building a challenger brand culture within yourself and your organization

Taking a look at what it takes to be a ‘Constructive Pirate’: the personal qualities and behaviours required of an individual to be a successful challenger, and in particular one that is trying to create breakthrough in a large relatively conservative organisation.




10 ways to tell a challenger story

There is an outdated view about what a challenger’s story can be: either ‘little brand explicitly calling out big brand’ or ‘turn every category rule on its head’. This book looks at a new generation of challengers from the last ten years and identifies a new range of narratives that challengers can choose to employ. Which narrative should you tell?



A Beautiful Constraint

How to transform your limitations into advantages

A book about everyday, practical inventiveness, designed for the constrained times in which we live. It describes how to take the kinds of issues that all of us face today — lack of time, money, resources, attention, know-how — and see in them the opportunity for transformation of oneself and one’s organisation’s fortunes.