We use challenger thinking to create brands, ideas and growth.



Use challenger thinking to build a new brand identity, giving clear guidance for creative and strategic decision-making


See your brand with fresh eyes and rediscover what makes you compellingly different


Bind your teams around a challenger narrative and start challenger-focussed initiatives to embed that shared approach for the long term


A practical programme that balances a challenger mindset with the thoroughness you’ll need to ensure that growth is sustainable


Use challenger thinking to shake things up – so your teams aren’t asking ‘what did we do last year?’ but ‘what would a challenger do?’


Redefine what innovation is and how it works within your company to kick-start the creation of genuinely new ideas


“Working with eatbigfish you get your strategy, your creative and your buy-in; all done in one step. And that’s formidably faster in the long run. And frankly it’s much better as a result.”

— Tom Moradpour, President and CEO, The Glenmorangie Company


How we work


We don’t have ‘the answer’

We think of ourselves as catalysts, not consultants. We won’t tell you what to do, we’ll help you find your own ideas and solutions.

We’ll need everybody

We work with cross-functional teams – it’s the best way to spark new ideas. And it gives everybody a shared sense of being in this together.


We’ll put strategy to work

A clear strategy is great, but it’s action that makes it count. We make sure that you have the activation ideas to bring your strategy to life.