Build a new challenger lighthouse identity

You’ll get a distinctive brand that will act as a rallying cry to your audiences, and be a clear guide for creative and strategic decision-making across your whole business – not just marketing.

And we’ll do this together in a way that will give your whole organisation a sense of pride and ownership over the new brand identity.

In particular, we’ll help you:

  • Discover what’s compellingly different about your brand

  • Break the conventions of your category

  • Evaluate your opportunities for growth

  • Apply your new brand identity to real-life projects


“We've found a narrative and a positioning for the business that feels like a winning formula”

— Maria Surricchio, former VP of Brand Marketing, PlayStation


Interested in something else?


See your brand with fresh eyes and rediscover what makes you compellingly different


Bind your teams around a challenger ‘we’re-in-this-together’ narrative with a shared approach and ethos


Use challenger thinking to shake things up - so your teams aren’t asking ‘what did we do last year?’ but ‘what would a challenger do?’