Turbo-charge your brand planning

You’ve got a strong brand, but you feel like you’re playing it safe. We’ll help you use challenger thinking to shake things up – so your teams aren’t asking ‘what did we do last year?’ but ‘what would a challenger do?’.

We’ll use challenger thinking to stretch your teams to be more ambitious, do more with their resources, spot new opportunities, and collaborate more effectively.

In particular, we’ll help you:

  • Discover new or under-exploited opportunities in your existing brand equities

  • Bring together your teams and agencies to create new ideas

  • Permanently embed challenger mindset into your way of working

  • Create long-term tactical and strategic plans based on your new mindset


“Through a series of outstanding and engaging workshops, we debated, cogitated, laughed and finally hit that lightbulb moment, when it all became clear.”

— Tamara Strauss, Marketing & PR Director, Royal Caribbean


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Use challenger thinking to build a new brand identity, giving clear guidance for creative and strategic decision-making


Bind your teams around a challenger ‘we’re-in-this-together’ narrative with a shared approach and ethos


Redefine what innovation is and how it works within your company to kick-start the creation of genuinely new ideas