Nick Geoghegan

Strategy Director, Los Angeles

After eight years at eatbigfish London, Nick can now be found in Santa Monica as he sets up a new expansion of the challenger brand experts in Southern California.

Joining eatbigfish from the world of advertising in 2010, Nick has worked with clients on five continents and in international waters. He has helped clients think differently about everything from soft drinks to software and most things in between. His passion for challenger brands lies in the fact that they can’t afford to be mediocre, something that can’t be said of many market leaders out there.

Having lived in South America through his childhood, Nick speaks Spanish and Portuguese, though he’s a little out of practice.


“Through a series of outstanding and engaging workshops, we debated, cogitated, laughed and finally hit that light-bulb moment, when it all became clear.”

Tamara Strauss, Marketing & PR Director, Royal Caribbean


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