Tell your story

It’s all too easy for even strong brands to lose their direction or sense of purpose. People are still buying your products or services, but your customers and people internally are no longer clear what you stand for. We’ll help you use challenger thinking to see your brand with fresh eyes, rediscover what makes you compellingly different, re-focus on what you’re trying to accomplish and get everyone in your organisation telling your refreshed brand story with new clarity, enthusiasm and understanding.

In particular, we’ll help you:

  • Use your refreshed narrative to become a thought leader in your sector

  • Get everyone in your organisation using the same clear story

  • Think through the strategic and creative implications of your refreshed story


“The work we did with eatbigfish will be foundational to our ongoing success”

— Kevin Cleary, CEO of Clif Bar and Company


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Use challenger thinking to build a new brand identity, giving clear guidance for creative and strategic decision-making


Bind your teams around a challenger narrative and start challenger-focussed initiatives to embed that shared approach for the long-term


Redefine what innovation is and how it works within your company to kick-start the creation of genuinely new ideas