Mark Barden

Partner, West Coast

Mark has helped Audi break the “Rule of Three” in luxury cars to become a real player in the industry. He’s taken Sony PlayStation from #3 to #1 in the console wars, made Charles Schwab the leading investing brand, helped redefine the mission of Clif Bar & Co, and developed a growth plan for payments insurgent Xoom.

If you want a smart, fun, intense, collaborative, and ultimately transformative experience for your brand and business, you should work with Mark. He will bring all 18 years of his direct experience with challengers — the good and the bad — to bear on your business.

In addition to consulting, facilitation, and coaching, Mark is a popular public speaker, and frequent lecturer at Hult International Business School and Presidio Business School.

He is the co-author of the highly regarded book on business creativity, A Beautiful Constraint. How to Transform Your Limitations into Advantages and Why its Everyone’s Business.


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Why challenger brands matter in an age of disruption

"Disruption" has become such a buzzword, pervading everything on down to mayonnaise marketing, that people have begun to assume that it's the goal of challenger brands. But challenger brands can't let themselves become swept up in the mania for disruption writes Mark Barden.

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Mark Barden is a fantastic collaborator and leader. He sees the big picture opportunities and he knows how to take new information and quickly distill it into ideas and actions.
— Suzanne Ginestro, (former) Head of Brand Marketing, Red Bull

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