Have new and better ideas

Your category’s changing and you know you need bold, fresh ideas. But your existing approach to innovation is stuck in a rut, giving you the same old same old.

We’ll help you use challenger thinking to redefine what innovation means for your company, to kick-start the creation of genuinely new ideas – and to put them into action in a more challenger way.

In particular, we’ll help you:

  • Clarify your brand story, and what role innovation really plays

  • Break the ‘path dependence’ to your old ways of thinking and doing

  • Shift your thinking from ‘resources’ to a challenger sense of ‘resourcefulness

  • Create the mind-set and practices of a permanent ‘culture of innovation’


“Whether it was holding us accountable to not cutting corners, to making the right trade-offs or helping us incubate ideas, it was critically important to have eatbigfish as our partner every step of the way”

— Jonathan Craig, CMO, Charles Schwab


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