Bind teams together

Organisations with a shared sense of purpose work together more effectively. They are more resilient to change, they make more of their resources, and they create and implement more new ideas. To put it another way, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

We’ll help you bind your teams around a challenger ‘we’re-in-this-together’ narrative with a shared approach and ethos. We’ll also help you start challenger-focussed initiatives to embed that shared approach within the culture for the long term.

This is particularly useful for:

  • Fast-growing organisations who need to expand their culture to include lots of new people

  • Organisations going through mergers or integrations, where different working cultures are coming together

  • Organisations who feel their culture has ‘drifted’, and want to re-focus themselves on what made them special


“We start every presentation by putting up the purpose – it’s the starting point and base for all our actions”

— Viktor Wallstrom, VP Communications, Tele2 Group


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