Tele2 - becoming a fearless challenger in a changing world

The Challenge

Frustrated with the existing purpose of being a value champion, Tele2's President and CEO Allison Kirkby felt it needed a new mantra to take the company forward. She came to eatbigfish to help find a new purpose to inspire and energise the organisation and excite customers. It was fundamentally important that the new purpose was unique to Tele2 and could not easily be copied or used by competitors. The purpose would need to cherish Tele2's history as a challenger to the European telco monopolies of the 1990s, whilst resonating in the new and hyper-connected world it had woken to. 


Brand Strategy

‘To fearlessly liberate people to live a more connected life' became the purpose. The new mantra is full of opportunity, taking Tele2 away from the narrow territories of being low cost and mobile, and giving the organisation a broader sense of mission to improve the lives of its customers through liberating connectivity. The fearless element of the new purpose was a nod to Tele2's past as a challenger to the fat cats of the telecoms industry, and to a culture historically of being unafraid to do things differently. The purpose would manifest itself across every area of the business - from brands, networks, digital cost structure and customer service.


Activating Purpose

The first internal manifestation of the new purpose was a 332km bike ride between Latvia and Lithuania. The race enabled the leadership team to embody the fearless aspect of the purpose, and as the bikes were all IOT connected, the entire organisation could track and engage with the race and progress as it happened. The initiative helped raise the profile of the new leadership team and helped them role model the purpose to the organisation. The first public manifestation was a recruitment ad called 'You'. The video was a powerful signifier internally, and to new hires, that Tele2 is a fearless challenger looking for people who will embody the new purpose and help build the future of connectivity.


The Results

  • New 'Fearless' purpose implemented across all strategic areas of the business

  • A share price of 115 SEK in 2017 - an increase from 70 SEK the previous year for shareholders

  • Employee Net Promoter Score of 37% - up from 24% the previous year

  • The new purpose provided the platform to launch 'Unlimited' - a new subscription service and the key growth driver for the Dutch and Baltic markets


'We want you!' - Tele2’s recruitment film.


We start every presentation by putting up the purpose – it’s the starting point and base for all our actions
— Viktor Wallstrom, VP Communications, Tele2 Group

What the organisation really enjoyed – of the eatbigfish process – was the engagement of the people and the ideas coming from the heartbeat of the company.
— Allison Kirkby, President and Group CEO of Tele2