Sony PlayStation - getting its mojo back

The Challenge

VP of Brand Marketing, Maria Surricchio, brought in eatbigfish to work with a cross-functional team of leaders from software, online, and business development. This would be the first time the company had worked so closely together in this way. Leaderships wanted eatbigfish to help all of PlayStation USA rediscover their challenger mojo, and help them define the right articulation of the brand in order to win back the core gaming audience.


The Strategy

We determined that the driving purpose of the PlayStation brand is to “push the boundaries of play” and that PlayStation must be seen as “the best place to play – always extraordinary.” The PS4 would be a manifestation of this ethos in hardware, and the incredible immersive games PS4 would launch with would represent this in software. But the team pushed beyond this to think about how they might reinvent their approach to the online experience, to the sharing of used games, and how they would present themselves at live events. The internal alignment really came together at a powerful display at E3, the world’s largest gaming industry trade show. A confident PlayStation brand showed up with disciplined, consistent and powerful messaging around what gamers, and the gaming industry cared about.


The Results

  • Strategy brought to life in BBH‘s ‘Greatness Awaits’ campaign.

  • Media determined that “Sony won E3.”

  • In 2013 Sony overtook Nintendo in console sales for first time in 8 years.

  • ‘Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video’ has hit 15 million views on youtube.

  • Over 40 million Playstation 4 consoles have been sold worldwide.


Greatness Awaits - Playstation PS4 launch campaign by BBH NY

The identity work has inspired our partners to produce extraordinary work.
— Maria Surricchio, former VP of Brand Marketing, PlayStation
We had found a narrative, a positioning for the business that felt like it was a winning formula.
— Maria Surricchio, former VP of Brand Marketing, PlayStation