Creating a refreshing roadmap for growth





Adam Morgan

What we did:

— Identity

— Positioning

— Strategy

We brought together a cross functional team to undertake a review of how ice tea was perceived in the UK and to create a new understanding of the strategy needed for success in this market.

Re-interpreting for the UK

Lipton Ice Tea is the leading global brand of iced tea around the world. However, it has always struggled to make an impact in the UK, where the ‘hot tea’ culture created significant problems for the local team when it came to executing the pan-European brand strategy. Traditional growth drivers for ice tea had always failed in the UK, no matter how they had been packaged. The team realised they needed a re-interpretation that was appropriate for the UK market.

A roadmap of ideas

We worked with Lipton to create a new approach which stayed close to the pan-European brand strategy, but identified key opportunities to unlock growth in a market that would not respond to traditional ice tea thinking. Together, we built a stage by stage roadmap of creative and commercial ideas, retail plans and sponsorship executions intended to establish this key player in the market.

Lipton 'Daybreaker' Summer events 2014/2015

Pepsico’s fastest-growing brand

The campaign that emerged from this strategy was ‘Day Breaker’, which included a series of events across London by OMD UK. The campaign has ran for two years and has been attributed to growing the ice tea category by 16.1%. Lipton became PepsiCo's fastest-growing brand.